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Johns Hopkin's MuseMediapedia

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MuseMediapedia is a wiki-based encyclopedia of museum media projects from around the world produced and edited by graduate students in the Digital Media in Museums course within Johns Hopkins University's Museum Studies Advanced Academic Program. The focus of this resource is on digital tools for use within the physical museum environment.


The encyclopedia is divided into eight main sections:

  1. Audio Tours (guides)
  2. Digital Signage and Wayfinding
  3. Mobile Programs (apps)
  4. Hybrid/Mixed Media/New Technologies (augmented reality games, VR, etc.)
  5. Immersive Environments and Theaters
  6. Multi-touch Surfaces (tables, walls, kiosks, etc.)
  7. Video Programs



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2016 Class

2015 Class

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2011 Class




Students - Start Here -> How to submit or edit an entry

Non-Student Inquiries

Museum professionals and others with questions or suggestions for programs for students to review should be sent to ssayre3-at-johnshopkins.edu or by Twitter #jhumusemediapedia.

MuseMediapedia was started 1/26/2011 and has had visitors 

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2015 Class


From Silver to Silica kiosk program

1994, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts




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